In a series of YouTube and Facebook videos Liz followed the 2016 presidential campaign trail and she continues to provide updates on recent political actions and controversial social issues. In short video formats, Liz interviewed figures like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as well as American citizens in an effort to respond to the big question: what is really happening in America during and following a historic presidential election?

“The internet’s version of Samantha Bee”
— Coveteur
She’s been spending her time on the campaign trail, giving her followers insider access to the candidates and thoughtful points of view on the election.
— Christina Najjar, TeenVogue

In her first segment, Liz tackled the biggest and baddest topic she could find - Donald Trump. As it became more and more likely that Trump would be the Republican nominee for the November election, the Internet exploded: cue the jokes, memes, and millions of Americans pledging to move to Canada should he be elected. Of course, there is truth rooted in every joke, and Trump is no laughing matter. In this interview with Liz, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that the immense number of Americans begging for Canadian citizenship gave him "tremendous confidence" that "they're going to make sure that the government that gets elected...represents their values and priorities."

[She’s] done phenomenal reporting all cycle on people with disabilities.
— Chris Hayes, MSNBC
Few people appear to be enjoying the presidential race more than Liz Plank.
— Women's Forum

"Nasty Woman" becomes the feminist rallying cry that Hillary Clinton needed. Liz Plank stars in her own commercial about the fragrance every woman in America will want to get her hands on.

Donald Trump wants to lead America with a cabinet that doesn't look anything like it. Liz Plank imagines what dream phone, the White House edition would look like.

Joss Whedon gets real about sexism.

Wanna forget about 2016? Liz Plank has the perfect pill for you.
Liz Plank devises a new product that allows women to move freely into the world without being judged for showing too little or too much skin.

Liz judges olympic sexist coverage as a sport.

Liz examines why Donald J. Trump hates lying but doesn't hold himself to the same standard.

 Liz imagined a woke male feminist president. He sounds like this.

The former Stanford University student who sexually assaulted a woman behind a dumpster was released from prison on Sept. 2, 2016. That’s a full three months early from his original six month sentence.

Liz Plank hosts Locker Room Talk, the show where men can say whatever they want with zero consequences like Donald Trump at the debate!

Liz Plank went to a Trump rally to talk to the women still supporting the GOP nominee. She was groped in the process.

The day after the election, a nation was in shock. Demonstrations broke out in many American cities tonight in response to Donald Trump's victory. Liz Plank had one question for the protesters she met in NYC: "What's at stake for you?"

Mexicans give Americans advice on how to deal with a Trump presidency.

Three million more people would vote on Election Day if Americans with disabilities had better access to the polls. Liz Plank spoke to disability activists to find out what needs to be done.

Why should we give Donald J. Trump the benefit of the doubt when he doesn’t give it to anyone else?

Trump's business dealings may violate the Constitution. The Electoral College can stop him.

Donald J Trump's tactics have been described as bullying throughout his campaign. But Liz Plank sees it another way: it's actually abuse.

The GOP is finally standing with women, but what took them so long?

Actual question: Is Trump’s female empowerment outreach a parody? Does Trump's Female Empowerment Tour and proposal for paid maternity leave make him a feminist, or is it all just posturing?

Think sexism against Hillary Clinton is bad? Wait until she wins.

Dear Angela Merkel, legislating what women wear is not a way to liberate them. 

“If you really care about life, you may want to rethink your whole repealing Roe v. Wade thing. Because when abortion is illegal, women die.” — Liz Plank, arguing that if pro-lifers really want to save lives, they should look beyond outlawing abortion.

What happens when you make a Hillary and Bernie supporter build IKEA furniture? We tried it out to see if unity was possible.

Liz Plank went to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to see how hard it is for Trump supporters to get a date.

More than 90% of Americans and 92% of gun owners want gun reform, but the NRA has found clever ways to block that in Washington. Liz goes to Washington to speak to Senator Murphy and to teach him what a face swap is.

Americans with disabilities want change in 2016. It wouldn't hurt if Donald Trump would stop insulting them too.

Bathroom bills cause the problem they purport to want to fix. Liz investigates and conducts an interview with trans rights activist and lawyer Chase Strangio in a bathroom stall.

Liz Plank asks Donald J. Trump about the women card at a press conference and hilarity (and sexism) ensues. 

Yes the wage gap exists - and it's not because women "choose" to be paid less. Liz Plank and Hope Solo investigate.

Liz Plank goes to the Supreme Court and investigates the biggest myth about abortion that you probably believe is true.

New York is good at a lot of things, but not voting. Liz goes to a Bernie rally to figure out why.

Liz goes to CPAC 2016 to find one Republican who thinks Trump is a conservative.

Justin Trudeau talks to Liz about fatherhood, feminism and more.

More than 28% of Americans say they'll move to Canada if Trump is elected. For the premiere of 2016ish, Liz Plank brought some of your pleas (and immigration papers) to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.