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[Liz Plank] has emerged as something of a new-media political video star.
— The Hollywood Reporter
Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/


The Hollywood Reporter announced that the original video series, podcast, and digital platform is coming to Vox Media "after the success of the company's election-focused 2016ish weekly video series," which was also hosted by Liz Plank. Produced by an all-female crew, this podcast "will focus on 'controversial issues that affect every woman in America.'"

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In a year filled with apologies from men, there's still just one person we were waiting to hear from. Until now.


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is it my fault if i hate my body?

nov 2, 2017

Women of all shapes and sizes feel insecure about their bodies. Hitha and Liz compare notes, and discuss the economic and cultural ramifications of our stereotypes about "overweight" women. We hear from Emily Martin at the National Women's Law Center about how women's bodies are used against them in the workplace. And we'll hear from two women who are living with chronic illness about the insecurities and social pressures that come with the territory.

[Liz Plank created] a can’t-miss mash-up that features Trump doing what women everywhere have hoped he’d do for months: apologizing for his behavior.
— Glamour Newsletter

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